How To Develop Bat Speed & Increase Exit Velocity | Bill Miller

Bat Speed. You want more of it but don't know how to get it. Do you swing weighted bats? Lift heavier weights? What should you do in the weight room? This week, we welcome Bill Miller to the podcast. Bill specializes in working with rotational athletes. In this episode, he talks about the ways he has been able to help hitters develop more bat speed and increase their exit velocity at the plate.





[3:33] Helping Athletes Build Rotational Power and Strength 


[5:33] Bat Speed


[8:20] Areas for Training


[11:30] Lead arm rotational throws 


[14:19]Increasing a Player’s Power 


[15:25] Grip Strength Findings 


[19:08] Training both sides of the body as a hitter 


[25:39] 4D Motion Vs K-Vest


[28:40] Driveline


[30:35] Developing and Challenging Hitters


[33:42] Biggest Challenges Working with Pro Players Vs College Hitters


[35:57] Mental Game 


[37:38] Helping a player with their Mental Game 


[40:24] How Pro guys think throughout the year



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Throw Fast


Swing Fast