Helping Pitchers With The Mental Game | Aaron Hilt

Aaron just completed his second season at Eastern Michigan University, where his pitchers broke the single-season strikeout record for the second straight season. In this episode, Aaron breaks down his philosophy on pitching development, the mental game, analytics, and what he's learned over his coaching career.




[4:10] Transition from Division 2 to Division 1 (from a coaching standpoint)


[8:45] Changes after fixing a pitcher’s issues 


[10:18] Red and Yellow Flags 


[12:15] Recruiting and Building Your Program 


[14:43] Change Up 


[16:55] Technology that Helps Pitcher's the Most 


[22:10] A Player’s Nutrition 


[26:32] Do’s and Don'ts


[28:22] Warm Ups


[30:10] Finding Your Routine as a Freshman 


[37:37] Mental Side of the Game




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