Old School + New School Pitching Coach | Darren Ware

Darren Ware is currently the pitching coach at Walsh University in Ohio. Walsh is a Division 2 college baseball program. Darren explains what the competition is like at the D2 level, how he coached his sons growing up (both now college pitchers) and combining old school + new school pitching techniques.


Timestamps for Darren Ware 

[2:48] Agenda for the Summer 


[4:33] Things Coaches are looking for During Recruitment 


[8:41] The Importance of height 


[11:32] Advice to parents whose kids want to play in D1


[13:45] Coaching your own kids 


[18:05] Advice to Coaches who want to Strengthen their Player’s Arm 


[21:22] Analytics at the College Level


[24:50] D2 from a Velocity StandPoint 


[29:32] Taking Chance on Players based on Velo 


[31:18] Development as a Coach 


[33:44] Question for other Coaches


[33:44] Question for other Coaches 


[41:41] Work Away Vs. Working In 






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