How The Best Coaches Develop Players | Mental Performance Coach | Brian Cain

Our guest today needs a minimal introduction. He has worked with MLB All-Stars, Olympic gold medalists, and athletes in all sports. Brian Cain has been helping players improve on the mental side of the game for over 20 years. In today's episode, he gives practical ways that you can help players with the mental side of the game right away. I've attached links in the show notes if you want to listen to Brian's podcast and connect with him further.


Timestamps for Brian Cain  


[4:41] Things Baseball Players do to Remain Calm when there is Chaos


[8:29] The Focal Point Before Stepping the Box 


[9:34] Definition of Success 


[12:58] A Player’s Focus 


[14:19] Helping Players Prepare for Failure 


[17:20] 3 Aspects of Hitting You have to Develop 


[20:27] Ways for Coaches to Develop


[24:50] Helping Players with Time Management


[30:35] Typical Day for Brian Cain during the season


[36:26] Pushing for the Better

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