Building a Division 2 College Baseball Program | Matt Richter

In this episode, we have Matt Richter, the head baseball coach at Cedarville University in the great state of Ohio. Matt has over 25 years of experience in baseball as a coach, scout, and recruiter. This past season was his first as a head coach. We talk about common mistakes in the recruiting process, what he looks for in players, and his vision for his program.


Timestamps for Matt Richter


[2:06] The Importance of getting to know your guys 


[3:40] Things to Improve upon


[9:23] Helping Players through the Line Up 


[13:45] Team Goals 


[16:00] Team Captains 


[21:47] Things we are looking for in the recruiting process


[29:26] Must Have Skills 


[32:05] Mistakes in the Recruiting Process


[41:32] Being open to play at all Levels