The Biggest Turnaround in D1 College Baseball | Eddie Smith

This week we welcome Eddie Smith to the podcast. Eddie is the head baseball coach at Utah Valley University. No D1 college baseball program has seen a bigger turnaround than Utah Valley over the last three years. Before taking over the program in 2021, Utah Valley finished with a 10-47 record. This past 2023 season, they finished with a 34-27 record. In this episode, Eddie talks about his vision for the program, questions he asks recruits, the type of player he wants, and player development.


Timestamps for Eddie Smith 


[4:08] Achieving the Best Turn Around 


[5:28] The Process of Developing Hitters in the Fall 


[7:11] Hitters Hit Vs. Hitting Mechanics 


[9:38] Going About Swing Decisions


[11:18] Hitters Meeting 


[18:47] Helping Players on the Mental Side of the Game 


[24:16] Lesson Learned as a Head Coach 


[28:24] Specific Questions during the Recruitment Process


[31:00] SCC Facilities 


[34:30] Goals Vs. Dreams


[36:51] Thoughts about Scheduling 


[42:40] Planned Schedule for Next Year 


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