Why You Should Consider D2 College Baseball | Trey Dyson

The current hitting coach at North Greenville, Trey Dyson, is on the podcast this week. North Greenville won the D2 National Championship in 2023. In this episode, Trey talks about his career as a coach, advice for current coaches, and what he's looking for when recruiting at North Greenville.

Timestamps for Trey Dyson 

[2:55] Going back to Baseball
[5:28] Being on TV
[7:29] Transition from TV to Coaching
[9:00] Initial Thoughts on Coaching College Baseball
[11:45] Building Trust with Players
[20:18] National Championship
[25:40] Player development
[33:56] Building Trust
[37:03] The Recruitment Process
[40:40] Becoming Clutch
[40:40] Once a Clutch Player, Always a Clutch Player 

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