How Sports Vision is Revolutionizing Player Development | Ryan Harrison

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Ryan Harrison has been helping athletes ‘see better’ for over 20 years. Ryan has a degree in exercise physiology from the University of California at Davis. Ryan has worked with 100s of MLB players since he started working with his father, Dr. Bill Harrison, who had over 50 years of experience in vision training.


In this episode, we’re talking everything VISION!

What affects vision?

How can we help players improve their vision?

How can we help hitters see the ball better?


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[3:35] Decoding Baseball Vision and Light Sensitivity

[5:23] The Art and Science of Baseball Sunglasses

[6:56] Understanding Players' Vision and Perception on the Field

[08:59] The Complexities of Vision in Baseball

[11:13] Hitters' Vision Strategies and Tools for Success

[14:23] Training Baseball Vision for Precision and Focus

[16:50] Exploring the Connection Between Vision, Breathing, and Peak Performance in Baseball

[21:59] Navigating the Mental Landscape of Hitting with Visionary Techniques

[24:47] Debunking Misconceptions and Mastering Vision in Sports

[29:39] Pitch Recognition

[37:06] Hitter's Eye Movement and Success

[43:37] The Vision Advantage Beyond the Swing

[48:24] The Evolving Landscape of Sports Vision Technology in Baseball

[51:55] Practical Tools and Training for Coaches in Baseball

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