Building coaching systems with
Ryan Johansen

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In this podcast episode, Patrick Welcomes Ryan Johansen, a recurring guest, to discuss his experiences as a coach in both the private sector and professional baseball. They delve into the challenges of scaling coaching efforts and building effective hitting development systems. Ryan emphasizes the importance of simplifying complex information and understanding how to communicate with players at different levels. The conversation touches on utilizing technology like force plates and 4D motion, as well as the shift in approach when working with youth players versus professionals. Ryan also shares insights into creating a positive coaching environment and adapting coaching styles based on individual player needs. They also discuss considerations for working with parents and the significance of qualifying conversations to ensure effective communication. The conversation concludes with Ryan's thoughts on coaching philosophy, encouraging coaches to prioritize how they coach over what they coach, and advocating for more player-driven learning experiences.



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[1:26] Navigating the Hitting Coach's Journey in Player Development

[04:01] Decoding Hitting Metrics for a Balanced Path to Player Development

[06:30] Mastering the Art of Hitting Development with Just an iPhone

[07:56] Breaking Down Metrics for Better Hitting

[11:00] The Shift from Pro Baseball to Private Sector

[16:40] Crafting a Culture of Growth and Wisdom in Baseball Development

[17:58] The Parent-Coach Partnership in Player Development

[25:20] Player Goals as a Continuous Journey in Baseball

[30:57] The Mental Game of Hitting

[33:51] Helping Players Thrive by Letting Them Lead

[37:08] Streamlining Player Development for High School Success

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