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Zach Day is a former professional baseball player who pitched in the big leagues and has a background in technology. He is the co-founder of Newt Force, a company that uses force plates to analyze and improve pitching mechanics.


Zach Day discusses the potential impact of AI in baseball and how it could enhance individualization and speed up data analysis. He reflects on his own pitching career and the changes he would have made with access to the data and technology available today. Zach also shares his thoughts on the decision to sign out of high school and the challenges of transitioning out of professional sports. He highlights the importance of education and proactive career planning for athletes. The conversation then shifts to the use of force plates in pitching analysis and training. Zach explains how force plates can provide valuable insights into ground forces and lower body mechanics. He discusses the benefits of using med balls to improve lower half efficiency and the differences between elite pitchers and average pitchers in terms of force generation and timing. Zach also mentions the potential expansion of Newt Force into the hitting realm and the company's focus on empowering coaches.


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Key Takeaways

1. AI has the potential to enhance individualization and speed up data analysis in baseball.

2. Access to data and technology could have helped Zach Day improve his secondary pitches and prevent injuries during his pitching career.

3. The decision to sign out of high school and pursue a professional baseball career is complex and depends on various factors.

4. Transitioning out of professional sports can be challenging, and athletes need to plan for their next chapter in life.

5. Force plates can provide valuable insights into ground forces and lower body mechanics in pitching.

6. Med ball drills can help improve lower half efficiency and braking in pitching mechanics.

7. Elite pitchers excel in force generation, timing, and efficient energy transfer from the lower body to the upper body.

8. Newt Force is focused on empowering coaches and providing them with valuable information to enhance training and performance.


  • "I think for speed and for ease of use and for individualization, I think AI is going to help." 

  • "I would have played off that sinker. I would have understood why it was effective and what my strengths were." 

  • "Transitioning out of professional sports, going into the real world, it's a gut check." 

  • "One change, one little thing can take a player from potential to making it." 

  • "The best pitchers create and stop, they time their forces and energy flow really well." 


[01:35] AI's Role in the Future of Baseball

[03:44] Improving Pitching Through Technology

[07:12] High School Baseball Journey

[08:19] The Tough Choice of Going Pro or Going to College in Baseball

[11:40]Transitioning from Baseball to the Real World

[13:33] Learning from TrackMan and The Journey of Transforming Baseball with Data

[16:08] Exploring Force Plates in Pitching

[20:21] The Game-Changing Discoveries from Newt Force

[22:57] Enhancing Pitching with Med Ball Drills

[25:20] Decoding the Secrets of Elite Pitchers

[27:34] Insights into How Weight Impacts Performance

[30:37] Exploring the Future of Newt Force

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