6 Tips To Help You Hit Slow Pitching | Patrick Jones

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In this podcast, Patrick Jones, a former hitting coach for the Baltimore Orioles, addresses the challenge of hitting slow pitching. He emphasizes six key strategies for success: managing expectations to avoid negative outcomes, treating slow pitchers like any other, focusing on being selective by shrinking the hitting zone, exaggerating approaches to counteract timing issues, maintaining a positive mindset regardless of past struggles, and occasionally sacrificing at-bats to reset mentally. Patrick stresses the importance of specific practice routines to develop comfort with slower speeds and advises against overly stressing about immediate results, advocating instead for a long-term approach to hitting success.


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[01:07] Managing Expectations

[04:17] Shrinking the Zone

[08:15] Overcoming the Challenge of Slow Pitching

[09:48] Balancing Aggression, Exaggerating Approach, and Staying Relaxed

[12:58] Be Specific

[14:12] Sacrificing an At-Bat

[18:47] Practice Being Late

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