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Patrick Jones Baseball

Hosted by: Patrick Jones

This baseball podcast will be centered around player and coach development. We will discuss everything from mechanics, the mental game, practice design, and even college recruiting. Apple Podcast:...

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Learn to Develop Infielders at Every Level - Brandon Szink

Episode #275

How do you Develop Infielders at Every Level of Baseball?* Youth* High School* College* ProfessionalBrandon Szink is a coach at Ohio Wesleyan University and runs the Bo Jackson Elite Travel organization. He has...
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Recruiting as a D3 College Baseball Coach - Taylor Valentine

Episode #274

Taylor Valentine is currently an assistant coach at Centre College in Kentucky. He has coached at now a division three level. He has also coached NAIA, Division One College Baseball, and USA Baseball. In this episode,...
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Growing the Game of Softball - Tyler Black

Episode #273

In today’s episode, we talk to Tyler Black. Tyler is the host of the Black Diamond Softball and fitness podcast. He talks about his background in softball as well as what he is trying to do within the game of softball...
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What the Analytics Don't Tell You, Scouting with 40 + Years of Experience - Doug Laumann

Episode #272

In today’s episode, we talk to Doug Laumann. Doug is currently with Chicago White Sox and is not just simply a director; he has over 40 years of scouting experience with several major league organizations. In this...
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Blueprint to Recruiting and Player Development - Marty Sutherland

Episode #271

In today’s episode, we talk to Marty Sutherland. Marty is currently the associate head coach and recruiting coordinator at the University of Iowa. He gives some great insight and great tips to those who are going...
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Developing Canadian Baseball Players - Mitch Davidoff

Episode #270

In today’s episode, I speak to Mitch Davidoff. Mitch is currently the manager for the Victoria Eagles, which is a travel baseball organization. Mitch talks about how he helps young baseball players in Canada as well...
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Using Data to Evaluate Softball Pitchers - Nate Walker

Episode #269

Nate Walker has worked in baseball operations for two Major League Baseball front offices. He acted as a contact person for the coaching staff of the Major Leagues and helped them with pregame planning, game strategy,...
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Teaching Players to Move Better - Dr. Ismael Gallo

Episode #268

Dr. Ismael Gallo, a physical therapist who was once a professional baseball player, appears in today's episode. As a current physical therapist as well as a former baseball player, he's able to mix the areas of...
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How to use Technology and Analytics to Develop Softball Pitchers - Josh Johnson

Episode #267

Josh Johnson, who joined Mississippi State's staff on August 27, 2019, has improved the Bulldogs' player development strategy using advanced technology and analytics. Josh is the recruiting coordinator and the...
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Eastern Illinois University Assistant Softball Coach - Rachel Huggins

Episode #266

In today’s episode, a newly recruited hitting coach, Rachel Huggins, shares her experiences in coaching at Eastern Illinois University. Rachel shares how she was recruited during her high school years. She also talks...
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Seattle University Recruiting Coordinator - Millard Dawson

Episode #265

Millard Dawson enters his fifth year with the baseball program at Seattle U in 2021-22, and his fourth as an assistant under Head Coach Donny Harrel. In his first season, Dawson served as a student manager for the...
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Are you a Division 1 College Baseball Player?

Episode #264

I'm Patrick Jones and I used to be a hitting coach for the Baltimore Orioles. Now I work with hitters in the private sector in Cincinnati, Ohio, and also help players with college recruiting. In today's episode, we're...
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